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Eagle Group helped us
prepare for and pass
our initial TS 16949
audit by providing a very
thorough and professional
internal audit service for
our company. Having
an outside perspective
scrutinizing our quality
management system
(other than our registrar) is
a valuable advantage for

Daniel T. Holguin
Quality Manager
Henrob Corporation

Contract Management System Auditing (Internal Audits or Maintenance Audits)
Did you know you can hire an outside auditor to perform your Management System
Internal Audits? It is permitted and with some of today's Customer-Specific requirements
(such as ISO/TS 16949) almost encouraged. Eagle Group will ensure you comply with
the audit requirements prior to your ongoing Registrar surveillance audits. We have
outlined the scope of internal audit cycle activities that you may anticipate.

During each visit we will, unless requested otherwise:

  • Perform documentation audits
  • Work in conjunction with your Audit Schedule or select various elements of the
    Standard and your procedures to ensure all elements are audited
  • Utilize your documented system forms to address nonconformances
    and observations
  • Conduct a closing meeting to address the findings and provide recommendations
    for improvements
  • Each visit will review actions raised to ensure that timely closure and implementation
    is facilitated by your on-site employee teams

Benefits that you can expect:

  • Save 30%-50% on your Internal Auditor system requirements
  • Have your employees focused on essential business requirements instead of
    Management System maintenance activities
  • Increase the value in your Management System through our expert input and
    Management System Tools
  • Ensure your system stays in conformance to the Requirements
  • Save on training costs

For more information on the specific type of audits we do, see our auditor page.