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Responsible Distribution




"For over 15 years I
have relied on Eagle
Group to support my
overall chemical and
management system
requirements. Their
professional staff and
overall organization plan
and execute the auditing
and overall chemical
distribution requirements
for my entire operation
without any issues or
snafus. For Americhem
Sales Corporation - Eagle
Group is well worth the
money and consistently
brings added value to our

Bruce Whetter
President & owner
Americhem Sales


The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) uses a 3rd party Responsible Distribution® Verification process where each member company undergoes a verification of their health, safety, security and environmental management system. Compliance Solutions Group LLC of Baton Rouge, LA, Verrico Associates, and Eagle Group USA are the three approved providers of this service for the NACD members.

The Responsible Distribution® Verification is a program instituted by NACD in coordination with a group of suppliers who sell chemical products through NACD members. Primary objectives of the program are to provide:

    A vehicle for distributor Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) performance assessment and guidance for continually improving that performance; A methodology that enables suppliers to meet their Management System commitments for the selection and assessment of their distributors.

    Verify that the distributor has management systems, policies, procedures and processes in place to meet the distributor's Responsible Distribution®, obligations;

    • Verify that these policies, procedures and processes have been communicated throughout the company;
    • Verify that the policies, procedures and processes have been implemented in the workplace and are understood and practiced by operating employees;
    • Describe a distributor's facility and how it is operated;
    • Describe how the distributor implements its EHS&S programs by on-site third party

Eagle Group Verifiers

The following is a list of the Verifiers used by Eagle Group USA, if the Verifier that arrives at your site is not on this list please contact Eagle Group immediately at (248) 355-4421.

Clyde Pearch

Hugh Tousey

Greg Allen

Jim Moore