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Responsible Care Management System®

The American Chemistry Council has created a Technical Specification that addresses the health, safety, security and the environment and is available for Registration by ACC members/affiliates only.   

Note 1: There are two Responsible Care Management System Technical Specification, the RCMS on this page and RC14001 which is accessible on the RC14001 web page.

Note 2: RC14001 registration is open to all companies but the RCMS document is limited to ACC and ACC Affiliate members.

If you are interested in complying with both the ACC's Responsible Care® requirements and the requirements of ISO 14001, please see our RC14001 web page.


The application of the RCMS® standard is to provide organizations with the elements of an effective Environmental Health, Safety and Security Management System that can be integrated with or into other management systems requirements, to assist organizations achieve their environmental, health, safety and economic goals and objectives.  The overall aim is to support Health, safety, security and environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socioeconomic needs. The success of an RCMS® depends on a commitment from all levels and functions within an organization and especially from senior or top management.

RCMS® enables an organization to establish and assess the effectiveness of procedures to set a policy including objectives, achieve conformance with them, and to demonstrate conformance to others, including interested external parties.

RCMS® shares common management system principles with ISO 9000, RC14001 and OHSAS 18001 system standards. While the 9000 series of standards deal with customer needs, an RCMS® addresses the needs of a broad range of interested parties and evolving needs of society for security, protection of the environment, health and safety.

Training Offered

RCMS Awareness/Overview

RCMS Internal Auditor Training 

RCMS Implementation

Document Writing

On-line Training Courses


Services Offered

Initial System Evaluation ("Gap Analysis")

Documentation Development

Implementation Assistance and Guidance

Final System Evaluation ("Dress Rehearsal")

Hands-on Auditing

Contract Internal Auditing Program

Compliance Auditing


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