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Feedback from our consulting work


Happy New Year. I just wanted to give you an update of our progress.

We had the RC14001 Registration Audit and we passed. Thank you for all of your help in getting us to this point!

Best regards, 


Christopher A. Goeloe, M.E., CHMM, CQA, CQE
Manager of Quality and Environmental
Anderson Development Company



As I think you'll see, we here at Allied, and myself especially, are very satisfied with Eagle Group and Heather.  She was a dream to work with.  It is nice to work with an individual who is truly knowledgeable about their work and is excited to be doing it.  I would highly recommend Eagle and Heather to anybody who is looking for ISO consulting in the future.  Keep in touch.  Thanks!

Best Regards,

Mike Gendich
Allied Technology, Inc.



Client: Monsanto

Contact: Randy White

Monsanto Corporation

We ran this article in our company newsletter today.  We're 2 for 2 thanks to your help!!!  1 more to go. Thanks for helping us succeed.


Two Plants Recommended for Responsible Care Certification
Monsanto’s Soda Springs, Idaho, and Luling, Louisiana, plants have been recommended for certification to the Responsible Care 14001 standard. The RC14001 standard specifies management system requirements for environmental, safety, health and security for member companies of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Audits at the Muscatine, Iowa, plant are scheduled to be completed in July.



I have been very satisfied with the Eagle Group and have utilized their services for many certification and facilitation projects.  As the Global Systems and Certification Director, I found Cheryl Burt to be a true asset as a project manager in taking multisite projects, planning, assigning, implementing training needs, and consulting activities. Her tenacity and knowledge allowed me the opportunity to focus on global strategy rather than regional development and execution - which is very time consuming.

I would highly recommend Eagle Group and will use them in the future as other consulting or training opportunities present themselves.  If I may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at one of the numbers listed below.

Best Regards,

Pamela Cremeens

TFS Global Certification and Systems Director (TFS Textron)



WOO HOO!!! We received our official TS16949 certificate today. Thank you so much for all your help. We never could have done it without you.

Jim Carroll

Quality Assurance Mgr.

Progressive Stamping Co.



Jill, and Deborah, well we had our audit today, and I am happy to report that we zero (0) non-compliances.  We didn't have any major or minor ones. 

I would like to thank you for the tremendous assistance we received from you. I don't think we could have done it without your help.

Jill I would like to specially thank you for putting up with our crazy office environment, and I am grateful that you came on your day off to help us finalize thinks (specially the calibration documents J )

Thanks again




On behalf of Vuteq, Illinois and for myself personally I would like to thank Eagle Group for their help with our ISO 14001 Registration. TUV Auditor Vijay Rao completed the Audit yesterday and recommended Vuteq for Registration. Seven minor findings were noted during the Audit. Vuteq would have been unable to complete the process without the help of Eagle Group. I enjoyed all the hours spent working with you Mac, your knowledge and persistence help carry Vuteq through the work necessary to complete the project.


Ray Mackey

Manager Quality Assurance



Just thought you would like to know, NSF completed our registration audit and recommended us for ISO Certification!!!

Chuck was impressed with our documentation and said that our Wright-K Quality System with its Process Flows was the best implementation of the ISO system he has seen.

So I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and I hope your day is going as well as mine!


Life is Good!



Again I have to say thanks to Hugh.

After training was completed today, Hugh could have easily packed up and left to do his site-seeing or enjoy the nice Colorado weather. Instead, when he saw that several of the students and their supervisor wanted to continue having a training class in the same room where we had our ISO 101 class, Hugh offered to let them use his computer projector. Although it wasn't a long time that he was held back, he could have easily made it tougher on the group by packing up and leaving.

Hugh...you're the man!!!!!!!!!!

It was good seeing you again.

Tom H.

General Dynamics


"The Eagle Group provided the direction and resources to help us achieve a first in our industry."

Don Adams - Manager of Responsible Distribution and Quality -Webb Chemical



Wendt Diacraft has been a client of the Eagle Group since 1997 when you helped us develop and implement our ISO 9000 program. Eagle Group helped again in 2001: providing training and helped in our ISO 14001 implementation. And when we upgrade to ISO 9001 I do believe that Eagle Group will be there. I have nothing but good things to say about everyone that I have encountered at Eagle Group.

Pamela Crayne




"Well we did it again, we are ISO 14001 recommended. In addition, the Q1 site assessment, MMOG, and the QS-9000 went well also. Thank you Eagle Group. Eric gets a big thanks for this one. We would have never pulled it off without his dedication to his customer. We learned a lot more from the Eagle Group than QS and EMS stuff."



"Eagle Group helped Rosen Products qualify for ISO 14001 by always being available and having employees with the proper experience to help answer important questions.  We were extremely happy with their knowledge of the many topics necessary to complete this program."

Jim Aydelott - Director of Safety, Environmental Control and Facilities



Feed Back from some of our ISO/IEC 17025 Clients:

"We are receiving many inquiries from companies that are looking for 17025 certs for their gages, which have in turn lead to several new customers.

Implementation was a lot of work at the time, but looking back on it, it does not seem to be as bad as we thought.

Many of our big customers that work with the auto industry required it and now we are finding even the smaller companies are requiring it.

Regarding the calibration of our lab equipment, we have a lot more confidence in them being right."

Ottawa Gage



"The implementation was better than anticipated. We could not have done it without you.

Back in April of 2000, it was important to implement for our customers, but as we progressed, we know it was important because it is an added benefit to our product line.

The benefits haven't proven to be as good as we expected with respect to generating more sales for the company, although, our customer base has expanded because of it. But with the slow economy the past year, we are hoping it will generate more sales in the future.

Eagle Group was wonderful to work with. You made the process seem somewhat painless!!! Really, we could have never done it without you. When Ken came from LAB for the original audit he asked who are consulting firm was, when I told him he said, "Oh, well then I know I won't find anything, they cover all the bases"."

Michigan Spline