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Auditor Information


Eagle Group USA can provide a number of cost effective auditing services to support your Management System Needs.

  • Contract Management System Auditing
    (Internal Audits or Maintenance Audits)
  • Did you know you can hire an outside auditor to perform your Management System Internal Audits? It is permitted and with some of today's Customer-Specific requirements (such as ISO/TS 16949) almost encouraged. Eagle Group will ensure you comply with the audit requirements prior to your ongoing Registrar surveillance audits.  We have outlined the scope of internal audit cycle activities that you may anticipate.

  • Supplier Auditing (External)
  • We can address your supplier maintenance auditing needs with our competent staff of auditors to professionally conduct and report your supplier audits. We can perform both Management System and many types of product audits.

  • Product Auditing
  • Eagle Group USA can conduct product audits of your suppliers/customers to make sure they are meeting your requirements. We currently do these audits for clients that make EPA registered products.

  • Transportation Assessments
  • Eagle Group USA can perform Transportation Assessments to meet your Responsible Care/Responsible Distribution concerns.

  • Compliance Auditing
  • We can address your (Legal ad Regulatory) auditing needs with our competent staff of auditors to professionally conduct audits of your Occupational Health and Safety and/or Environmental systems.  For additional Information please see our "Compliance Auditing" page.

  • OSHA Process Safety Management Audits
  • Eagle Group can help you evaluate all covered processes and procedures applicable to your facility. Our auditors will complete the review to all relative operations and documentation specific to the OSHA PSM directives as codified under 29 CFR 1910 119.

Auditor Credentials

Anthony Roark

Cathryn Girard

Clyde Pearch

Dale Taylor

Greg Allen

Heather Valencic

Hugh Tousey

James Charles

Jim Moore

Kelly Rowe

Rocky Kimball

Steve Mitchell


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