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"On an annual basis, we
contact Eagle Group and
schedule audits. Eagle
Group sends a confirmation
for each visit. Following the
audit, the auditor conducts
a closing meeting to review
nonconformances and give
an overview as to the health
of the system. We feel the
maintenance audit system
works very well.”

- Mary Tuttle
BASF Corporation

It begins with people. At Eagle Group, our consulting, auditing and training team
comes from the manufacturing and service environments. Our extensive, "hands-on"
implementation & auditing experience with management systems means we have the
know-how to apply the most effective path to your successful application of your systems
and third party registration/verification. Your project will be assigned a project manager
who will ensure consistency and stability throughout your project requirements.

Eagle Group has had our Management System registered since 1997 and we are
registered to ISO 9001. We walk the talk! Our practical experience includes facilitation
and instruction in a wide variety of industries.

It means utilizing your existing resources to save time and money The Eagle Group
team will use your existing resources to save you both time and money. Our proven,
practical approach will ensure a minimum disruption of your business activities.
Training is conducted at your facility or ours. Courses can be tailored to your business
requirements. Training courses include exercises actually conducted in the work
environment to reinforce the learned material as it relates to your organization. We offer
over 40 different training courses and workshops. In fact, if you're implementing a new
ISO based management system, depending upon the status of your current processes
and procedures, you could achieve registration in as little as six months. And after Eagle
Group has helped you facilitate implementation of your management system, you own
it. With our "hands-on" approach, any new procedures, practices, processes that are put
in place will integrate with and compliment your existing methods and systems. We will
guide your employees on how to implement, manage and maintain the system. And when
it's time to select an ISO registrar, we will assist you in that process. In addition, if you
need internal auditing support, we offer a full range of on-site auditing services to assist
you in maintaining your system.


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