As I think you'll see, we here at Allied, and myself  especially, are very satisfied with Eagle Group and Heather.  She was a  dream to work with.  It is nice to work with an individual who is truly knowledgeable about their work and is excited to be doing it.  I would highly recommend Eagle and Heather to anybody who is looking for ISO  consulting in the future.  Keep in touch.  Thanks
Best Regards,
Mike Gendich
Allied Technology, Inc.

Jill, and Deborah, well we had our audit today, and I am  happy to report that we zero (0) non-compliances.  We didn't have any  major or minor ones. 
I would like to thank you for the tremendous assistance we  received from you. I don't think we could have done it without your help.
Jill, I would like to specially thank you for putting up with  our crazy office environment, and I am grateful that you came on your  day off to help us finalize things, specially the calibration documents.
Thanks again

On behalf of Vuteq, Illinois and for myself personally I would like to thank Eagle Group for their help with our ISO 14001 Registration. TUV Auditor Vijay Rao completed the Audit yesterday and recommended Vuteq for Registration. Seven minor findings were noted during the  Audit. Vuteq would have been unable to complete the process without the  help of Eagle Group. I enjoyed all the hours spent working with you Mac, your knowledge and persistence helped carry Vuteq through the work necessary to complete the project.
Ray Mackey
Manager Quality Assurance

Just thought you would like to know, NSF completed our registration audit and recommended us for ISO Certification!!!
Chuck was impressed with our documentation and said that our Wright-K Quality System with its Process Flows was the best implementation of the ISO system he has seen.
So I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and I hope your day is going as well as mine!
Life is Good!

"The implementation was better than anticipated. We could not have done it without you.
.... it was important to implement for our  customers, but as we progressed, we know it was important because it is  an added benefit to our product line.
The benefits haven't proven to be as good as we expected with respect to generating more sales for the company, although, our  customer base has expanded because of it. But with the slow economy the  past year, we are hoping it will generate more sales in the future.
Eagle Group was wonderful to work with. You made the process  seem somewhat painless!!! Really, we could have never done it without you. When Ken came from LAB for the original audit he asked who our consulting firm was, when I told him he said, "Oh, well then I know I won't find anything, they cover all the bases".
Michigan Spline

Again I cannot thank Eagle Group enough for the excellent training and  internal audit leading up to this. I had to make only one change to the policy manual after the audit. Thanks Kelly for a great job on the training and audit.

Several of the attendees from Incoe Corporation had taken prior auditing training, so we were interested to hear what they had to say in reference to Eagle Groups presentation and, in specific, with regard to the instructor and his ability to relay technical information in a highly condensed format over two days.
We were informed that Rocky' s presentation was highly effective in that he told "stories", giving specific, real life situations and examples rather than imparting dry facts. That style helped maintain the attention of the individuals in training and we believe will be helpful in the retention of the material imparted. We were also told that although there was a lot of information to be shared, that he kept the class moving at a comfortable pace. When tough questions were asked and needed to be expounded upon, he met those challenging questions satisfactorily. Apparently there were an occasion or two where an individual or individuals began to vent, and while he acknowledged the frustration, he did not allow that negativity to disrupt the class and got the class back on track.  He led well, encouraging group participation and, during the occasional break periods he stayed in the training room moving from individual to individual or group to group, being available to anyone who might have additional questions.

FEEDBACK ON HEATHER!!!!  She was absolutely fabulous.  Actually the owner of the company would like her to come back and do the same training with individuals that were not available to receive the training.  They want HEATHER!!!  She turned a switch on in a lot of people’s minds that I've been trying to do for months.  THANKS SO MUCH!
Quality Systems Coordinator

One of the best instructional courses I have enrolled in.  It is refreshing to encounter an instructor who is genuinely interested in their work as well as the customer's (students) needs.

I wanted to tell you how happy we are with the training the Eagle Group has done for our company.
Every person I talked to who took the classes, including top managers, were very pleased with the training. Your company has done a wonderful job teaching the 80 or so COEI employees the ins and outs of the ISO 9001 standard. When we stepped foot in the door the first day of training we didn't know much about ISO. Now we are competent Doc writers and internal auditors.
I would recommend Eagle Group to other departments in our company that are trying to get ISO registered. Top notch teachers and they really know the ISO 9001 standard.
Thanks again for a job well done!

Everything is going very well. The Executive staff (Kitty and Joel) are extremely impressed with the knowledge that your team is bringing to the table. Nothing but kudo's from all over.

"Jill was very knowledgeable about all aspects of ISO.  All of my expectations were met and exceeded.  The comfort level that Jill created allowed for free flowing ideas and was conducive to learning.  The class was great!"
Thank you - Amanda

"It was very easy to ask questions (she didn't make me feel stupid).  She answered questions really well to where I understood what I was questioning."

"Very good instructor, held our attention even though days where long."

"Found instructor well prepared and knowledgeable.  Material well Presented and explained. Had a good time and enjoyed the training."
Thanks - Gary

"Great presentations/discussions and the ability to hold the audiences attention.  Great examples - very informative."

"For the exercises - Have the students prepare individual responses in class before breaking off into groups (we did for a couple).  This would help in group discussion.  I really enjoyed the instructor - - he made a dry subject "fun" and I was still able to learn the subject."

"Good class - Great teacher - Very motivating I liked how we did the work instead of just listening to someone speak."
Thank you - Susan